Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Review: How the West Was Drawn

Post by Guest Blogger: Helen Colella

How the West Was Drawn—Cowboy Charlie’s Art by Linda Osmundson is an interactive book for children, their parents and classroom teachers. The colorful, realistic pictures of life on the open range are painted by Charles M. Russell, one of America’s leading western artists.

Readers are in for an artistic trip back into the American Wild West where history and legends were made.

Artist, Charles Russell brings cowboys and Indians, pioneer women and visitors from the east, outlaws and lawmen to life via his artwork, shows the adventures of a cattle drive, round up and buffalo hunt and offers the experience of a cowboy camp, Indian teepee and stagecoach robbery.

Russell lived what he painted thus his pictures in How the West Was Drawn have been sought by historians who want an accurate visual story of life on the range.

Linda Osmundson has created a series of questions and games that encourage readers to look beyond on the canvas, examine the details, use senses and imagination to see the painting. Her activities encourage readers to appreciate fine art as well as use their newly learned art critiquing skills on all art whether in this book or another and at a museum.

How the West Was Drawn—Cowboy Charlie’s Art by Linda Osmundson is published by Pelican Publishing Company, Louisiana, © 2011. It can be found in bookstores and on To learn more about the author visit: To see more books by Pelican visit:


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Patricia Stoltey said...

I originally bought Linda's book for one of the kid's in my life, but I've been through the book a couple of times myself. Thanks to Helen for submitting this fine review.

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