Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Writing Knapsack

A-Z Blog Challenge: K
Post By Kerrie Flanagan

Writing is definitely a long journey with many adventures along the way. When I began this trek, my writing knapsack was light; I had a journal, a pen and lots of ideas. I set off, excited to get to that magical land called Publishing where I was sure all my writing dreams would come true.

But it was not long into the journey it became quite clear that I needed more supplies. I grabbed a Writers Market along the way and added it to my knapsack. I realized there were many roads to publishing: agents, editors, magazines, literary journals, contests and more. I liked the look of the magazine path and headed off in that direction.

On this path, I found resources on writing for magazines, like Jenna Glatzer's book, Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer and Writers Digest Magazine. I soon found other writers on the trail, some had been there a while others were new like me. One led me on a shortcut where I found and hooked up with a critique group. Once back on the trail, I stopped at writers conferences along the way and continued talking to those I met along the way.

Even with my limited amount of tools I did end up in the land Publishing, but it was the outskirts. I realized this land was huge and was going to take more tools and a lot of time to explore. But I was excited about the possibilities and was ready to continue exploring.

Over the years I have added more resources, information and contacts to my writing knapsack. It has become quite heavy, but everything in there has helped me and continues to help me on my writing journey.

Here are the top 5 things I have in my Writing Knapsack:
-Writers Market
-Stephen King's memoir On Writing
-A list of contacts I have met along the way
-My laptop
-My Journal

What are your top 5 items in your Writing Knapsack?



Claire Goverts said...

Good post, it's interesting to see what others have on hand for their writing tools.

For me I usually have my index cards, mini sketchbook, smart phone, and various pens/markers. I went to clean my purse out before a trip last year and I had over 10 pens in it.

Dean K Miller said...

Wow. How much does this say about our personalities? I've got my NCW 2011 Writing Planner, the 2011 NCW Writers Conference program, journal book #4, my book journal, one copy of TROUT magazine containing my article, 3 of my favorite writing pens, a yellow hi-lighter, one regular sized spiral notebook, Ralph L. Wahlstorm's "The Tao of Writing" and a small silk pouch with 3 flash drives and one set of IPOD earplugs.

Lisa Vella said...

VERY clever post, Kerrie! Your entire blog is great!

The top five items in my knapsack include my Writer's Market, Writer's Digest magazine, a journal, a pen, and my laptop (not to mention whatever whatever books I'm reading at the time).

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Karen Walker said...

Definitely a notebook, pen, my smart phone and a good book to read. Oh and my Ipod.

Heidi Windmiller said...

Laptop, Internet, Ipod, Critique Partners, Brain

Bob Scotney said...

Notebook, pens, umbrella(!), contact list and last but not least a camera.

And lots of pamphlets on places I've visited. (Note to self: clear them out)

Jeanne said...

Very good post. My 5 top items are my computer, my thesaurus, my rhyming dictionary for my poetry, my critique group, although they make a bit of noise in there, and my sense of humor, which keeps the critique partners contented to be stuck in a knapsack.

Kerrie said...

Thank you all for sharing what you have in your Writing Knapsack.
Claire, my writing buddy loves index cards too. I tend to lose them. ;-)

Heidi, it hadn't even occurred to me to put my brain in there too. Good call!

Ipods seem to be a popular item too.

Heidi Windmiller said...

Well, I don't always use my brain as much as I should. That's why it is last in my list.

Gabriela Pereira said...

Love this post!

I personally like to travel light because I do a lot of my writing when I'm out and about. Everything fits in one compact pouch that I can grab on the way out the door and toss in my purse.

--Journal (unlined)
--2 disposable fountain pens (in case one runs out mid-writing)
--Mini-notebook with prompts
--Stickers (the more sparkly the better)

Laila Knight said...

My list changes often, but I like to keep it simple.

-laptop w/flashdrive
-2 pens
-book to read
-samples of tentative scenes in form of scrunched up paper.

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