Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Mystery. This Week in the Writing World...April 15

A-Z Blog Challenge:M
By Brooke Favero

M is for Mystery. Whether you read it or not, everyone needs a little mystery. Chiseled in Rock argues that your blog titles must be, which I thought was interesting.

Do you click on blog titles that are ambiguous, give hints or spell it out for you?

I click on the links that tell it like it is. I don't have time for mystery in my RSS Feed. But sometimes I like it in my cereal.

Understanding Industry & Market
A Look at Literary Assistants @ Guide to Literary Agents.

On Requests: Some Things to Consider... @ Babbles from Scott Eagan.
Noteworthy Links: Where Pitch Paragraphs Fail @ The Other Side of the Story.
10 Tips for Launching a Book Without Losing Your Mind @ Stet!

Next! Transistions @ The Other Side of the Story.
Likeable? @ Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.
The Character of the Character @ The Blood-Red Pencil.
Free FtQ Chapter: Flashbacks @ Flogging the Quill.
TTYU Retro: Laughter @ TalkToYoUniverse.


Bob Scotney said...

The title has to interest me. With so many blogs to follow I pass on a lot where the title does not grab my attention. But those with the A-Z Challenge I open, but often am unable to comment sensibly.

Jenny said...

I've been cruising the A to Z list, and, with so many blogs and so little time, I do tend to click on the titles that are clever or somehow personally relevant. But I don't want to be a blog snob!

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Telling it like it is - always a good thing. And so is your blog.

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