Thursday, February 24, 2011

Countdown to the Conference: Week 3

WEEK THREE PRIZE:  A copy of Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents 2011. To enter, leave a comment (be sure to include your email). Winners will be chosen on Tuesday. For another entry, visit the NCW Facebook page Friday through Tuesday and answer the Friday Question of the Week. 
A writers conference is a great place to meet agents and editors during a pitch session, at a meal or in a workshop. Meeting with these industry professional face-to-face is a rare opportunity and one of the great perks of a conference. It gives you a chance to ask them questions and find out more about them and the publishing world.

This year at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference, there will be 5 agents and 1 editor.  They will be presenting, participating in panels and hearing pitches from authors. Here is who will be there:

Rachelle Gardner
WordServe Literary Group

Rachelle Gardner is an agent with WordServe Literary Group, representing both fiction and non-fiction. She’s looking for mainstream commercial projects for both the Christian and general markets. In non-fiction, she looks for authors with established platforms, strong marketing hooks, and an understanding of how to use social media; you must have a book proposal and three sample chapters to be considered. She’s also seeking all kinds of commercial fiction, especially fiction appealing to women, and authors must have a completed manuscript to be considered.

Kelly Sonnack
Andrea Brown Literary Agency

As an agent, Kelly specializes in all types of children's literature (picture books, middle grade, young adult, and graphic novels). In picture books and middle grade fiction, Kelly looks for a good sense of humor,stories that stretch a young reader's imagination, and an authentic voice. In young adult, she appreciates literary voices and and character-driven stories with heart but is also drawn to dystopian, light science-fiction, and other well-crafted fantasy. In non-fiction for children, she enjoys projects that inspire and stimulate the minds of our younger generations. At this time, Kelly is not accepting submissions of adult fiction or adult non-fiction.

Mike Nappa

Nappaland Literary Agency

As Chief Agent at Nappaland Literary Agency, Mike Nappa is currently considering stellar author proposals in the categories of: Young Adult Fiction, Literary Fiction, Pop Culture, Historical Non-Fiction, and Religious Inspiration.  He's absolutely NOT interested in: children's books,
memoirs, or anything about cats.

Spring Lea
Grumpy Dragon

Grumpy Dragon is highly enthused about putting teen authors and artists into print, although we will consider just about
any type of manuscript from any age author.  We are looking for authors who want to create a true partnership for their book's success, not authors who just want a printer.  Prospective authors should be aware that our publishing process is not a rapid one and must be prepared to be
patient with us as we continue to grow from a micro-publisher to a small publsihing house.

Kristina Holmes
Ebeling & Associates

In terms of acquisitions, Kristina is considering all projects with individuals who have developed a significant platform for themselves.  In particular, she is seeking submissions in the areas of spirituality, health and nutrition,  self-help/personal growth, parenting, women's issues, celebrity/Hollywood based books with substance, memoir, pets, current affairs, narrative and serious nonfiction and anything that is creative and the first of its kind.  Kristina accepts submissions via email, either in query form or with a full competitive proposal.

Michael Ebeling
Ebeling & Associates

Ebeling & Associates represents a wide range of commercial non-fiction, with particular strengths in prescriptive non-fiction including health and wellness, spirituality, psychology, self-help/personal growth, business and marketing.  The agency also acquires genres such as environment/"green" books, parenting, pop culture, sports, recovery, women's issues, pets, travel,  humor, inspiration, memoir, current affairs, science, and narrative and serious non-fiction. With a unique talent for merging the worlds of business and spirituality, Michael enjoys developing long-term client relationships based on a deep sense of caring and integrity.  Michael’s brightest talents and greatest pleasures is working “hands-on” with authors – helping them to distill their message, create opportunities and niche markets, identify the steps they need to take to increase their platform and to get published, and develop and execute a comprehensive strategy for achieving their goals.

Have you ever pitched to an agent at a conference?
How did that go? Any advice?

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Ruth Seeley said...

I'd love to win a copy of the book for a variety of reasons. One of which is the fact that I've always wanted to be a literary agent. The other is because there are so many new publishers and agents, publishers going out of business, publishers getting into business - it would be nice to be up to date momentarily at least!

Jean W said...

This is my first writer's conference and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. See you at the preconference workshop - with at least a million questions!

Kathie Craun said...

I won't be able to go to this years conference, but last years was wonderful. I know everyone will get so much out of every moment you attend. Good writing to all!

Heidi Windmiller said...

I hope that planning for the conference is going well!


DanielLHerman said...

This is an important work and I welcome the opportunity to add it to my Personal and Professional Library. Give the importance of Sales and Marketing in today's Publishing Arena, the Business Intelligence gain about the Publishing Industry carefully "studying" this work, will save me considerable time & effort in professinally presenting my work. Sincerely, Daniel Herman of Cheyenne, WY

cvannatta said...

I look forward to the conference again this year -- last year's was a blast, and this one looks just as good.

Kerrie said...

Thank you all for stopping by, commenting and entering this week's contest. Jean and Carol, it will be nice to see you at the conference. Kathy, we will miss you.

Jenny said...

Kerrie, that millisecond counter is freakin' me out! I can't...look...away.

P.S. I'd love to win the book.

Rini said...

This sounds so exciting, I hope everyone has a good time at the conference! I'd love to win a copy of the book since I can't be there. Thanks!

Dean K MIller said...

Wish I could make it to the conference, though I wouldn't have anything to pitch this year! Maybe next year! Have fun!

Kerrie said...

Jenny, the countdown freaks me out a little too! Rini and Dean we will miss you at the conference. Even for those who don't have an agent pitch session, it will be a lot of fun! I will announce the winner of the book tomorrow so spread the word!

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