Friday, January 7, 2011

This Week in the Writing World...January 7

by Brooke Favero

Back to life, back to routine, is writing part of yours? It seems this week the blogs are full of encouragement and get-crack'n advice. But has anyone else noticed many blogging agents are closed to querying right now? I hope this isn't a trend and is more a coincidence. Rachelle Gardner's stats for 2010 were a bit disheartening. What I learned: network is everything. I plan to broaden my network this March at the NCW Conference. What about you?

Understanding the Industry and Market
Amazon Gives Bookscan to Authors @ Editorial Anonymous.

Finding an Editor @ BookEnds.
How to Avoid Getting an Agent @ Rachelle Gardner.

Goal-Setting for Writers @ The Blood-Red Pencil.
Who is That Guy? Discovering Your Characters @ The Other Side of the Story.
A Writer's Plot Board: Getting Organized @ Adventures in Children's Publishing.
Setting up Setting @ Edittorrent.

New Agent

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