Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Open For Business

Guest Blogger Bob McDonnell

How’s business? A common question, right?  But, do you consider your writing to be a business?
Many of us do.

I remember when I first started writing, and I discovered the Northern Colorado Writers organization.  At a seminar on magazine writing. Kerrie Flanagan, the heart of NCW, was teaching. She was wearing a sweatshirt (don’t know what color—I’m a guy) that had WRITER on it.

If my six-decade-old memory serves, she said she saw it early in her writing journey. Hesitating, she purchased it because she was a WRITER.  The symbolism hit home with me.

That session was more than a class on how to submit articles to magazines, at least for me.  It was a turning point.  The table tents we used for the class had our name and the words “successful writer “on them.  Wow, me a successful writer?  I was just starting out.

If you go to, my blog about humor in words, check the top of the page. That table tent is my page banner.  I wanted everyone (including myself) to know that I am a writer, darn it.

That class was probably three years ago.  I feel more successful now than I did then, but I sure have an interesting journey ahead of me. Last month, I took one more step on my writing trek.  I joined the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.  Yes, Words by Bob is a business.  I will be listed along with all other local stores, shops and online enterprises.  

Why did I take spend the money to do this?  Well, the obvious answer is for networking and exposure.  For now, it is to benefit my blogs, and later for me not-yet-written book. Plan ahead, right?

The other reason for joining such a group is that in my mind, it helps me to feel “legit.” No, I don’t just write for myself or to show a few friends.  I am a WRITER.

What will take you to the next level so you know you are the real deal?



Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Bob, it's great to see you here at The Writing Bug. It really is a big moment when we dare to call ourselves writers, isn't it?

I felt uncomfortable about doing that until I was actually published, but truth is, if we write, we're writers. Right?

Name: Luana Krause said...

Hi Bob. Your post is inspiring. The way I try to figure it out is like this: Is writing what we do or is it who we are? Writing is an activity that many people do in their day to day life, but they don't claim to be "writers." But if writing is who you are, then your are a writer.

hily said...

"WRITER" is a BIG word to DEFINE it...Yes there are many folks who define themslves as writers but in REAL SENSE they NOT. One should think 100 times before call THEMSLVES as writer.
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