Friday, December 10, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...December 10

by Brooke Favero
The blogs are steaming with revision and craft this week. Post-NANO, we all need it. So hold off on those queries (for the moment) and spit polish those drafts. I'm currently torn between revision and finishing a new story. It's hard balancing between the two. How do you manage multiple manuscripts?

Understanding the Industry & Market
Genre Sales 2: Mystery/Thriller, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Women's Lit, Romance @ Pimp My Novel.
Marketing Yourself and Your Book @Rachelle Gardner.
How to Blog, Part Duh: 13 Steps for Establishing a Popular Writing Blog @ Anne R. Allen.
Oh, That Google Thing @ Pub Rants.
Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan @ Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

Conference Checklist @ Kidlit.
Ultimate Blog Series on Novel Queries (#10) @ There are No Rules.
Digging Deeper to Find the Right Agent @ Falling Leaflets.

Thriller Writing: The Dos, Don'ts, and the Don't Even Think About Its @ Guide to Literary Agents.
Story Rulez: Things Every Story Needs to Do @ Janice Hardy.
Eight Questions for Writers @ The Blood Red Pencil.
Q&A: Realistic Characters, Multiple Projects @ Writer Unboxed.
FtQ chapter: Describing a POV Character @ Flogging the Quill. (I was flogged once. It was worth every lash. If you need honest feedback, he's worth the wait.)
Speaking of Dialogue @ Stet!
10 Most Common Writing Mistakes and 10 Writing Tips @ The Adventurous Writer.
How to Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method @ Bubblecow.

New Agent
Joan Slattery of Pippin Properties @ Guide to Literary Agents.


Katie L. Carroll (KT) said...

When I'm working on multiple manuscripts (which is pretty much all the time since I'm a compulsive multi-tasker), I give priority to the one that is getting the most mojo.

Maybe that means it got some positive attention from an editor or agent. Maybe that means my critique group or one of my readers is really into it and can't wait to read more.

Most often it's just the one that's been dominating my thoughts in the shower!

Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen said...

Thanks for including my article about the 10 most common writing mistakes! I'm honored to be listed here -- I've definitely got The Writing Bug!

The Adventurous Writer :-)

bfav said...

Thanks for the tip Katie. I feel like I have too many story voices in my head.

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