Friday, November 5, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...November 5

by Brooke Favero
This week I came across an interesting post over at Stet about ebook piracy. And then after reading Pimp My Novel's the future of ebooks, I thought if he's right and ebooks make up 50% of the market share by 1013 or 1014, will piracy be rampant? What will this mean for authors?

It's a bit of an unknown. But the music industry still makes money after Napster, iTunes, and the lot. Still, I think it will be harder for the debut author and I wouldn't quit my day job but that's a lot like now too. What do you think?

Understanding Industry and Market
Pimp My Novel gives his two cents on the future of publishing. Terrible Minds offers helpful do's and don'ts to NaNoWriMo. The Bluestocking Blog gives a great NaNo Resource List. Dystel & Goderich says social networking means business. Rachelle Gardner lists some helpful tips for Twitter.

Guide to Literary Agents offers six ways to impress an agent and how to deliver the perfect pitch. Seekerville lists the top five mistakes made in proposals. Holly Bodger gives advice on writing loglines and a follow up that is very helpful. KT Literary explains submission etiquette.

Adventures in Children's Publishing says you need to believe in you. Janice Hardy demystifies the edit letter and point of view. The Blood Red Pencil asks what motivates your character? Writer Unboxed helps your character learn about himself (hopefully at the end of each chapter). Wordplay stresses the importance of a fabulous setting.

New Agent
Lindsey Clemons of Larsen Pomada Literary Agents.

Tahereh finds a great book on stripping (quilts).

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