Friday, November 12, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...November 12

by Brooke Favero
Nathan Bransford is no longer an agent. It cuts me deep. Pimp My Novel links to some of the coverage. While he'll still blog, I want to wish him luck at CNET. I feel the best way to express my emotions is in haiku.

Nate of Curtis Brown,
agent, author, blog guru,
we weep for our loss.
How has Nathan helped you?
Understanding the Industry
Dystel & Goderich talks about The New York Times new ebook bestseller list and what it means.

BookEnds shows proper etiquette for addressing queries and how to deal with a delinquent agent. KT Literary tells how long to wait before following up with an agent. Rachelle Gardner talks about the client-agent relationship and publishing contracts. Janet Reid offers a big tip when pitching to her. (I think this is a great tip when pitching to any agent.) Guide to Literary Agents tells what agents do and don't want to see in a query.

Janice Hardy helps you deal with deadlines. Blood Red Pencil gives a list of to do's before you write. Writer Unboxed discusses archetypes. Nathan Bransford gives five tips from reading Harry Potter. Stet polishes your first two pages. Adventures in Children's Publishing deepens your WIP with imagery. WIP It stops writer's block. Tahereh lists 7 things characters do too much. Seekerville categorizes story ideas.

Miss Snark's First Victim offers a great log line contest and agent auction.

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