Friday, October 8, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...October 8

by Brooke Favero

News that got the blogs buzzing this week: Snooki from the Jersey Shore phenom just landed a book deal. This blows my determined-to-publish mind. Why, world, why? Janet Reid gives an interesting view on the matter.

Would you buy Snooki's book?
(Secretly, I loved the excuse to upload a Snooki photo. No one puts Snooki in a corner. And you can see why. That hair should have its own book. Girl, please.)

Understanding the Industry
Rachelle Gardner gives the lowdown on Amazon rankings. Pimp My Novel says it's all about who you know and explains how your title and cover affect your sales.

Building Your Platform
Robin Becker talks about the need for Twitter.

Chip MacGregor gives an opinion about switching agents. Rachelle Gardner goes behind the scenes of The Call. Once you get the call, Steve Laube shares six questions to ask the agent and gives the ten commandments for working with your agent. BookEnds talks about queries from published authors.

Blood Red Pencil offers tips for putting rhythm in your prose. Guide to Literary Agents helps improve your MC. Kidlit says you don't need a clear antagonist in contemporary fiction. Stet offers tips when writing about cops. Miss Snark's First Victim helps craft a log line. Adventures in Children's Publishing creates suspense with a ticking clock. Seekerville teases your chapter endings.

New Agent
Caryn Karmatz Rudy of DeFiore and Company.

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