Friday, October 29, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...October 29

by Brooke Favero
Happy Halloween. I took my kids to a trunk-or-treat at our church earlier this week. As I watched my children divide, sort and devour their spoils, I realized they all chose different treats to eat first. I can't resist long tootsie rolls, swedish fish and almond joys. While editing this week I found I also can't resist certain words and tediously edit them out. My biggest offender: began.

What words and/or treats are hard for you to resist?
It's starts next week whether you're ready or not. Are you in? Nathan Bransford drills an entire week of NaNoWriMo Boot Camp. My favorite: Goals and Obstacles. Pimp My Novel gives tips in his NaNoWriMohNotAgain. The Blood Red Pencil says sign up, you've got nothing to lose. So if you have an idea or a plot, Seekerville wants to help. Luna The Typewriter outlines a great character. Nicole Humphrey offers a handy NaNo checklist. If you're a NaNo Writer, you need to watch this.

Understanding the Industry
KT Literary defines submission lists. Alan Rinzler says mystery and crime fiction are on the rise. Guide to Literary Agents tells how to use twitter for networking success.

Rachelle Gardner addresses the utterly original plot. KT Literary helps format your query email. PubRants lists pitch killers for SF&F and then some more pitch killers that can apply to any pitch. The Bookshelf Muse gives tips for personalizing queries.

BookEnds recommends learning while you read. Janice Hardy helps with outlining. The Blood Red Pencil makes friends with your internal editor. Stet offers seven habits of highly effective authors. Adventures in Children's Publishing says know your alpha and beta readers--they can really help. Writer Unboxed recommends embracing other media to improve your storytelling.

New Agent
Denise Little of the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency.

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