Friday, October 15, 2010

Best of the Blogs: Twitter

By Brooke Favero
After listing many links on the value of Twitter, I finally did it. I signed up. Now I tweet (about writing industry tweople [really is that a word?] and add them to my lists), but mostly I follow others in the industry. I've been on a week and I'm overwhelmed by the sea of words.

Veteran Tweeters...tweople...oh, you know who you are:

How do you sort through it all? Who do you love following in the writing industry?
If you're thinking about signing up, here are some links that helped me:

Who to Follow
[Or just follow GalleyCat and sift through their more current lists. Handy.]

Building Your Platform

Managing Twitter

Success Stories
The Writing Bug. Twitter Take Back.
Nathan Bransford. The Science of Buzz.
Robin Becker. Twitter and Me.

Friday Confession: You know you're having a crazy week when you've had to reset your Twitter password 3 times because you keep forgetting it. I miss the days when passwords could be short, sweet, and redundant.


Jenny said...

This post is perfect timing for me, Brooke. I've been dragging my feet about Twitter for months. You've helped inspire me to jump in! (I'll be sure to write down my password ;-))I know you'll continue to compile all kinds of helpful information for us, as always. Thanks!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Thanks for these great links, Brooke. Even though I've been on Twitter for a while (and love it), I still need to search out more writers/agents/publishers/reviewers and readers to follow.

To focus on my favorites, I have a protected list called "My Tweeps" -- I only look at the main stream of tweets about once a day, but I check "My Tweeps" each time I send a tweet out.

Kerrie said...

This is awesome Brooke. Welcome to Twitter. (I think I follow you already).

You are tweeting to Jenny??

Wow the planets must have aligned this week.

Melissa Taylor said...

I manage Twitter with Hootsuite and lists - not everyone makes it to a list but the people I really want to notice are on one of my lists. Here is the link to my writer's list:!/MelissaWrites/writers which has about 500 writers on Twitter that I follow. I just started a book list -!/MelissaWrites/books Hope that helps!

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