Friday, September 3, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...September 3

by Brooke Favero

I caught it this week: the cold. Throbbing eyes, burning nose, scratching throat. But mostly the burning. It scoffs at Sudafed (my strongest line of defense). This morning it pounded me deeper into my pillow while four sets of hands yanked me up to fix breakfast. May your weekend be better than mine. Enjoy the links.

Understanding the Industry
Pimp my Novel examines the blockbuster phenomenon.

Building Your Platform
Rachelle Gardner talks head shots. Her advice: keep it professional. She also offers advice to authors about endorsing other books. PubRants gives an interesting reason for using a pseudonym. Writer Unboxed asks whether to Facebook or not.

Janet Reid tells how to sell yourself and not your back story. Nathan Bransford defines high concept. Slush Pile Hell offers some new adjectives to help you describe your book.

Adventures in Children's Publishing recommends making the most of criticism in all its forms. The Blood Red Pencils gets your who/whoms straight. Guide to Literary Agents tells us five things we can learn from television. Hyperbole & a half illustrates the four levels of social entrapment--it's a great lesson in dialogue. Janice Hardy stops you from overstating. Kidlit talks chapters and scenes. Dystel & Goderich gives a model for memoirs.

New Agent
Kerry Sparks of Levine Greenberg Literary Agency.

The Rejectionist stresses proofreading. Poor sap. Tahereh gives 100 steps to writing a novel. What step are you on? I'm on 99. So I'm almost there.


Summer Ross said...

thanks for the links!

Adventures in Children's Publishing said...

Thanks for including us in your lovely linkage! Have a wonderful weekend :)


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