Friday, September 24, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...September 24

by Brooke Favero

This week the blogs buzzed about freedom of speech and banned books because Wesley Scroggins, an associate professor at Missouri State University, said the YA novel Speak is pornography and should be pulled from libraries and schools. While many bloggers are seething, Pimp My Novel encourages reading a book from The Banned Book List.
Personally, I believe America is great because we can Speak our mind and we can choose to put the book down. Simply: know what you're reading and know what your children are reading before you pick up the book. No need to be grumpy.
What do you think?

Understanding the Industry
Pimp My Novel brings you up to speed on the battle for Barnes & Noble. Chip MacGregor answers questions about writing conferences. Pub Rants gives advice when a publisher is going tats-up. Nathan Bransford defines a writer's platform.

Guide to Literary Agents offers several links to improve your pitch. Rachelle Gardner asks eleven questions for crafting your pitch. BookEnds recommends perfecting the opening paragraph and the rest of the manuscript. Janice Hardy says you have 250 chances to keep them reading. BookEnds also gives her opinion on whether your political preferences affect representation. Rachelle Gardner lists ten ways to annoy an agent. Stet offers a coping strategy for rejection. Kidlit says you can resubmit a revision but give it lots of time. Writer Unboxed writes a query in five easy steps.

The Blood Red Pencil gives cussing tips. Dystel & Goderich recommends Stephen King's writing pointers. Iggi & Gabi gives technical tips for writing dialogue.

New Agents
Logan Garrison of The Gernert Company.

Dear Lucky Agent Contest for paranormal romance and urban fantasy.


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