Friday, August 6, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...August 6

by Brooke Favero
Happy Shark Week. Are writing/critique groups valuable? This week, Stet categorizes the different members in a writing group. Are you in a writing group? Is it helpful? What type of group member are you?

Understanding Publishing
Bookends addresses using a small publisher. Rachelle Gardner wants to know if you have the passion to go from good to great. Chip MacGregor gives tips for finding freelance jobs. Janet Reid says no to exceptional queries.

Building Your Platform
Guide to Literary Agents spotlights seven things Olivia Sharpnack has learned. Her focus: platform. Scott Tracey asks: can you over promote your book? Dystel & Goderich offers an opinion about over promotion. Pimp My Novel lists 12 steps to sell your book.

Guide to Literary Agents helps you write a thriller. Nathan Bransford compares writing vs. storytelling. Kidlit explains how to ground the reader. Edittorrent trims sentences. Janice Hardy gives tips for developing characters. Adventures in Children's Publishing discovers the details of your characters. Plot to Punctuation explains the bystander effect. Katie Ganshert defines the three O's to a great scene.

If you have a thing for apostrophes, you might like this or check your writing horoscope at Magical Words.


Anonymous said...

Great sites. Thanks. I'll check them out. I like Nathan Bransford's site and visit it often.

Stephen Tremp

Adventures in Children's Publishing said...

Thanks for including us in this wonderful round-up! Many good links to check out. Have a wonderful weekend!

Patricia Stoltey said...

A great job as usual, Brooke. Thanks for pulling all these links together for us.

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