Friday, August 27, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...August 27

by Brooke Favero

This week a discussion caught fire in the blogs after the release of the much anticipated YA novel Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I read Mockingjay this week, and it is by far the most violent of The Hunger Games series which is CRAZY because the other two were no Disney ride. Nathan Bransford asks if violence should be in kid/YA lit. And Stet wonders if violence in books desensitizes our culture. What do you think about violence in kid/YA lit?

Understanding the Industry
Chip MacGregor answers publishing relationship questions. BookEnds gives the reason for the rules. The Rejecter explains just how much a writer makes. Pimp My Novel explains the battle for Barnes & Noble.

Building Your Platform
Stet gives the how-to-why-to Twitter. Blood Red Pencil lists upcoming writer's conferences. Anne Allen gives do's and don'ts at a conference. Rachelle Gardner examines when you need a mentor.

Adventures in Children's Publishing recommends patience when querying. Rachelle Gardner explains what an agent has to offer. PubRants says you should ask this question during an agent interview.

Wordplay helps you say less. Writer Unboxed says telegraphing kills pace and you should know more about your characters than the reader--don't share all the details. Anna Staniszewski talks about building tension. Edittorrent works coherence into backstory. Blood Red Pencil recommends using your nose while writing. Kidlit helps craft a mature voice for YA.

New Agent
Jason Pinter of Waxman Literary.
And just for fun: Kittens inspired by kittens. Don't you wish all dramatic reading were like this? I want pie. I want beef jerky.


Patricia Stoltey said...

Excellent links, Brooke. Thanks. And The Blood-Red Pencil thanks you, too.


book publishers said...

Great links, thanks.

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