Friday, August 13, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...August 13

by Brooke Favero

Happy Friday the 13th. Hyperbole and a Half offers an interesting perspective on expectations vs. reality. Sometimes I feel like her when I'm writing. But I dust myself off and go again. Why? Because I love writing and I'm a determined mule. When rejection or failure stings, what pushes you forward?
Shake off the day's voodoo with these links:

Building Your Platform
Pimp My Novel bestows the ten commandments to blogging. Books Blog gives advice to private writers how to manage your public role. Guide to Literary Agents says social media can help when done right. Writer Unboxed talks about the fine art of ego management. Dystel & Goderich harnesses literary karma. The Blood Red Pencils shares how to write tight tweets. There are No Rules lists five ways to use book trailers to drive sales.

Bookends says get your query blurb right. Adventures in Children's Publishing lists ten tests your manuscript should pass before querying. Rachelle Gardner gives some tips on how to talk to an agent when you get The Call. And her guest blogger, Camille Eide, talks about how to handle the Editorial Letter after The Call. Janet Reid comments on a couple query shark entries which are great examples. Guide to Literary Agents lists querying do's for both agents and writers.

Clever Nathan Bransford diagnoses common writing maladies. SFWA lists 5 online resources for research because wikapedia should never be sited as a source. Pimp My Novel gives a shout out (he doesn't shout) to dialogue tags. Janice Hardy helps fill plot holes. Bookview Cafe recommends creating structure, shape and interest in your WIP. Combreviations avoids semicolons. Guide to Literary Agents explains how to start a mystery novel. Some of the tips apply to any story opening. Wordplays says skip the boring parts. C. Patrick Schulze overcomes flat writing.

Hyperbole and a half also provides a public safety video about cats. Spoiler: Cats: They have sharp parts.

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Patricia Stoltey said...

Looks like a lot of good links to check out, Brooke. And thanks bunches for the link to tight tweets on The Blood-Red Pencil.


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