Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mini-Vacations-Fuel for Writers

Post by Kerrie

In honor of spending another few days in Crested Butte, I thought it would be a good time to revisit this post I wrote a couple of years back.

I have thoroughly been enjoying my summer. This year we have not traveled far from home. It is not because of gas prices or that we are trying to reduce carbon emissions--it just worked out that way. Plus we live in the most beautiful state in the country, so there really isn't a need to go very far.

We just got back from Crested Butte, a small mountain town in Southwest Colorado, where my aunt and uncle live. This is a picture from their deck and you can't see it, but there is a field of wildflowers to the left. It was an incredible place to sit, relax and soak in the view.

I don't get a lot of writing done when I am gone, but these small trips refill my creative energy. I blogged a few weeks ago about fully recharging, but these trips serve a different purpose.

When we went camping last month, I was filled with the fresh scent of pine, heard the calming sound of a running river and marveled at the clarity of the star-filled sky at night. From this past trip to Crested Butte, I tucked away in my memory the sounds of the bluegrass music we heard at a concert in a barn, the feeling of walking through a field of wildflowers as tall as my knees and being immersed in a laid-back mountain community where doors are left unlocked and everyone seemed happy.

We will be setting off for Mesa Verde in a few weeks and I know I will be come away from there with a connection to the past and the amazing history of the area.

These mini-vacations are giving me images, scents, feelings and experiences that can be used in my writing in the future. They will allow me to write more vivid descriptions, create believable characters and provide me with ideas for articles.

So, while I may not be getting a lot of writing done now, my future writing is going to reap the benefits. I encourage you to take some time to enjoy the world around you and soak it all in. You don't have to take notes or write down everything you see, just let yourself fully experience it.

What mini-vacations have you taken lately and how have they helped your writing?



Eric W. Trant said...

Ah, Colorado... my favorite state after Texas, and I still think I'll move there someday.

I went backpacking a couple of weekends ago, took my boy fishing last Saturday morning, and we plan to either rent a boat or hire a fishing guide after we pick up my step-daughter from her grandparents next week.

I took the kids up into Arkansas the weekend all those people died in the flash flood. We stayed a few miles north of that campsite while they were still pulling out bodies. Morbid, sad, but I took away something magical from that moonless night. I blogged the next day about it, and later that same emotion will find its way into a story somewhere.

Mini-vacations are the way to go, if you ask me, which nobody does. Because those big-ol vacations are so much ~work~.

- Eric

Patricia Stoltey said...

My last mini-vacation was spent at home, but my cousin drove up from Denver for a weekend and we did girl stuff -- went out to lunch, went to a dinner theater, out to breakfast, and a tiny bit of shopping. It was a great break from the same old, same old.

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