Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Lists

Post by Jenny

I recently celebrated my birthday. Despite the discovery of what is apparently my first bona fide chin whisker, I’m happy to add another number to my age. It sure beats the alternative, right?

Unlike New Year’s, when we’re all in the same boat as we turn over new leaves and such, birthdays are a more personal time of reflection and self-evaluation. This has led me to compile the following birthday lists:

Ten Things I Really Should Do Better at My Age:
10) Think up titles
9) Parallel park
8) Wear skirts
7) Pitch to an agent
6) Use coupons before they expire
5) Cook fish
4) Follow up on queries
3) Resist chocolate
2) Manage my time
1) Tell people I’m a writer

Regarding #1, I hesitate to tell people I’m a writer because I know it’s only a matter of time before the conversation reveals that I’ve never actually been published. But publication doesn’t make me a writer. Writing makes me a writer. So, my birthday resolution is to boldly and proudly ‘fess up whenever I’m asked. Now, list #2:

Ten Careers I’m Disinclined to Pursue for Age-Related Reasons:
10) Ballet dancer
9) DJ
8) Hand model
7) Competitive eater
6) Astronaut
5) Anything beginning with ‘Wiki’
4) Sherpa
3) Video game designer
2) Bartender
1) X-Games athlete

‘Writer’ is not on the list, for writers are not bound by age constraints or physical limitations. In fact, we often get better as we get older—an incredibly liberating thought that almost makes me feel sorry for supermodels and child actors.

Finally, from the Department of Shameless Self-Promotion: This birthday also marks the start of my blog, Choice City Native. It’s the chronicle of my attempt to have one new experience in my hometown every week for the next year. I’d love to have you stop by.


Kerrie said...
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Kerrie said...

Great post as usual Jenny, The Writer. I don't know why you have Competitive Eater on your Disinclined list. I think that can be done at any age! Just come to my house during a fantasy football party and you will clearly see this.

Heather said...

Happy Brithday! I love the lists. Great point, writers are timeless. I love that! I know how you feel about mentioning it to others. It does always lead to that painful question. But what I like to tell people is, 'I'm getting there'. ;-)

Name: Luana Krause said...

I like your lists. And I totally agree: I'm going to be brave about telling people I'm a writer. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jennifer Carter said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on the new blog, what a great idea for it too. I'm excited to read it!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Happy birthday, Jenny. And congratulations on the new blog project. It's a fun idea.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Jenny. I LOVE that you are a writer. I exclaimed the other day, "I didn't know you were a writer", not wondering what you have published, but more embarrased I never knew that about you! I have seen plenty of things published that should remain umpublished - if you ask me (a recent movie I saw being one of them):). You are a writer! Love your lists starting with #1! Looking forward to following your Choice City blog! Mjohnston

Jenny said...

Thanks, everyone, for your support, encouragment, and birthday wishes! What a nice bunch of people you are.

Kerrie, I can handle the eating. It's the aftermath that's a problem :-)


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