Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twitter Take-Back

Post by Kerrie

Earlier this year I blogged about Twitter and how much I hated it, what a big time waster I thought it was and that writers should be writing, not Tweeting. I stood on my virtual soapbox and shouted my opinion across the Blogsphere. I really believed Twitter would fade away faster than a 140 character Tweet.

A couple of months back I stepped off my soapbox and left a "Be Back Soon" note on it. I wanted to give Twitter one more try--I wanted to prove once and for all that as writers, there was no need to waste our time Tweeting. My plan was to dive in for one month and analyze the results after that.

It has been a few months and my soapbox has been stored away and is now collecting dust. I can no longer say that Tweeting is a waste of time and energy. In the past 3 months, 205 people have visited my Northern Colorado Writers website and 125 have visited this blog as a result of a Tweet. There were even a few writers I met on Twitter who attended the NCW Conference.

I have done a complete 180 on the issue. I actual enjoy Tweeting.  I am meeting and getting to know many new writers and getting lots of links to great writing resources. I now believe that writers can really benefit by having a good presence on Twitter and that it can really help when it comes to marketing our writing.

What do you think? Do you Tweet (be sure to share your Twitter name if you do)?



KC Frantzen said...

I dusted off your soapbox and am firmly on it.

Things could change of course but I lament the further narrowing of communication.

Seriously - no joke. My husband and I have seen people on dates texting and tweeting one another across the dinner table.

Something is very wrong here.

bfav said...

You know, I don't tweet. But I want to follow some of great writing tweeters. Do you have recommendations of good people or orgs to follow?

Patricia Stoltey said...

As you know, Kerrie, I love Twitter and consider it a great tool for promotion as well as a fun way to connect with interesting people around the world.

KC, I'm not connected to the world by my cell phone or other mobile device and I limit my time on social media. If I go out to lunch or for coffee with someone who even answers their cell phone (barring emergencies), I'd escape pretty darned fast.

bfav, if you check out Kerrie's follows or mine, you'll find quite a few writers, some famous and some newer ones (who often have great blogs to visit). My Twitter ID:

Bob McDonnell said...

I use Twitter (wordsbybob) somewhat. I find more traffic comes to my blog through Facebook.

One of the keys to Twitter for me was to set up lists. Otherwise the constant stream of tweets is overwhelming.

Kerrie said...

KC, I do agree that communication is narrowing and I think the dating scene you describe shows how tweeting/texting can go bad.

Bfav, I think WomenOnWriting, ChuckSambuchino, WritersDigest...are all good to follow. If you go to Pat's page (@Pstoltey) she has a great list of literary agents she follows and you can follow the list too.

Bob, maybe you can share some insight with me on how to be more effective with Facebook. I don't use it as effectively as I could.

Pat, you do such a good job with all your social media. You are my hero.

Thanks for all your great comments and feedback!


Name: Luana Krause said...

I used to feel the same way, but now I really enjoy it. I'm not obsessed, but it's a fun way to connect with people...and promote yourself, too.

Michelle Mach said...

I am on Twitter (beadsandbooks), but I read more than I tweet. It's a great way to find out about things like new books, contests, etc.

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