Friday, July 9, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...July 9

by Brooke Favero
Wow this week went fast. How's your WIP or upcoming novel? Is anyone else drooling to get their hands on Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins? I definitely am. What's on your summer reading list? Besides the list of links below (of course).

Building your Platform
BookEnds lists bad blog etiquette. The Book Publicity Blog shows how to track online buzz. Books & Such recommends working with your publisher to market your book. One of her suggestions: create your own marketing plan. Pimp My Novel explains co-ops and the importance of a great cover. Guide to Literary Agents lists 4 publishing myth articles.

Chip MacGregor answers agent questions. What I got out of it: yes, you need an agent. BookEnds says settle down now to those impatient about their queries. Rachelle Gardner's guest blogger Daniel Friedman defines the rejection ballet. Are you guilty?

Nathan Bransford helps find balance between show and tell. Writer Unboxed helps increase tension. KA Stewart talks about how to create a great character. Stet compares characters to caricatures. Chip MacGregor helps find your voice. Rachelle Gardner lists 11 non-writing ideas to improve your writing. Bob McDonnell asks if you're disparate or desperate? (I'd like to think I'm disparate.) Suzanne Young says keep writing. And the Blood Red Pencil says cowgirl up and lose control of your WIP even if it is just for a minute.

Oh and if you're into twilight kitties, then enjoy. Also, if you're caught in a bad romance, well then this will make you giggle.


Trai said...

I get so much out of your posts! Thanks for your hard work and keep it coming!

Jenny S. said...

I feel the angst of the rejection ballet. And 'cowgirl up' is not just for cowgirls. It's good advice for all writers.

Again, so many great links in this Friday roundup!

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