Friday, July 2, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...July 2

by Brooke Favero

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Food, family and fireworks: three ingredients for a great weekend. Of course, I plan on applying a little butt glue (recommended by Hearth Cricket) to polish my manuscript this weekend too. What are your plans?

Building Your Platform
Guide to Literary Agents offers six tips for building your platform. Platform is critical for nonfiction, so get started. Hannah Moskowitz keeps it professional, you should too. Moonrat shares the secret to book publicity.

Rachelle Gardner says keep your query simple. PubRants lists some query trends. Chip MacGregor lists CBA trends. Dystel & Goderich talks options when an agent can't sell your book. Kidlit addresses the nuclear family in MG & YA. Marilynn Byerly weighs the pros and cons of tradition vs small press.

C. Patrick Schulze tempts us with a novel recipe. Pimp My Novel says be kind to your beta readers. Excuse Editor recommends unplugging when you write. Tawna Fenske swears by the writing quickie (1k1hr). Mark Newton challenges golden writing rules like show not tell. Marshall Payne hacks at word repetition. Plot to Punctuation enhances your setting. Wordplay says use all five senses when creating setting.


Seekerville lists a bunch of great writing contests. And Kathy Temean lists the 2010 Rofihe Trophy (short story contest). Good luck.

New Agent
Anita Bartholomen of Salkind Literary.

And if you need to sparkle your manuscript, well, Tahereh has 8 sexy words that make every story sizzle.

I thought I might do another best of the blogs. What topic interests you? I was thinking dialogue or maybe voice or setting. You guide me.

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