Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quid novi with you?

post by Jennifer Carter

Ever since I learned about the first-ever Quid Novi festival coming up in November, I have been turning over the translation in my head, "What's New." I imagine it's how Roman teenagers greeted each other a couple thousand years ago: Quid novi, Horace? Nihil.

These days it's more like: Sup, dude? Nothin.

At any rate, I'm intrigued by the concept of getting together all sorts of creative minds to see what happens. There are also contests and prizes to be won. In addition to Writing contest categories for short story, poetry, and essay, there are Book award categories including cover design, internal layout, global and international impact, and more. And it wouldn't be a What's New festival without awards also for Innovation with themes focusing on literacy and creativity. There is even a Venture Capital pitch session opportunity if you have a book or a gadget that you are ready to share with the world. The deadline for entering these contests is September 15th. You can visit www.quidnovifestival.com to check it out. There is also a Preview event taking place tomorrow evening, July 21st, in Johnstown for those who might want a sneak peak at what the festival is all about. Click here to register for the Preview. Cost is $10.

In other news, I learned this morning that our very own Trai Cartwright is going to be one of the celebrity judges at American Icon 6 in Colorado Springs on August 6th. American Icon is the Pikes Peak Writers' version of American Idol in which contestants have 2 minutes to read their work in front of the judges and audience. Register as a contestant or just to be in the audience by August 3rd (but hurry, space is limited!). I'm wondering, Trai, if contestants get extra points for singing their submissions?

It strikes me that there are many ways to keep writing new and interesting, both for writers and for readers. That's a good thing, so that our energy to keep writing is continually renewed.

How do you keep your writing new?

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