Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's All About You

I am sitting here at the Northern Colorado Writers studio on this rainy Colorado afternoon wondering what I should blog about today. Then it hits me-Blam-I don't want to write anything about me or the trials and tribulations of getting published or why cleaning the gunk out of all the tiny nooks and crannies in my kitchen is sometimes more appealing that writing-- I want to learn more about all of you.

Can you take a few minutes to answer these five questions in the comment section? Thanks a bunch! :-)

1. What is your name?
2. What kind of writing do you do?
3.What is the best piece of writing advice you ever received?
4. What makes you laugh?
5. If you could meet one author, dead or alive, who would that be? Why?

Thanks for taking the time to allow me and the other Writing Bug readers to get to know you a little better.

Happy Writing!


Jennifer Shirk said...

Hmm..let's see:

Jennifer Shirk
I write lighthearted sweet romances
Advice: Kepp writing. The more you write, the better you get.
Silly things make me laugh--and my hubby.
I would be Susan Elizabeth Phillips because she is THE funniest writer I've read.

Carol Kilgore said...

Carol Kilgore
Mystery/Suspense and some non-fiction
Don't talk about writing. Write.
I laugh at almost anything.
I'd want a whole roundtable of authors, past and present. Can't pick just one!

Kerrie said...

Jennifer and Carol, thank you for sharing about yourselves.
Jennifer, I've never read anything by Susan Phillips, but I am going to have to.
Carol, I agree with the writing advice you got. If we spend too much time talking, we will never get any writing done.

Tricia said...

1. Tricia Sutton

2. General/mainstream/character-driven

3. Reading fiction is better than reading how to write fiction.

4. Everything

5. Michael Chabon -- 'cause he's so dang cute.

T.A. Northburg said...

1. Tim Northburg
2. YA & MG Fantasy/Adventure Fiction
3. Keep learning your craft - writing is like wine and cheese, it matures over time.
4. My wife and children make me laugh.
5. I would like to meet J.R.R. Tolkien, he is brilliant!

Patricia Stoltey said...

1. Patricia Stoltey
2. Mystery/Suspense
3. Never give up
4. Kittens, puppies, tiny people esp. from ages one through four, and most of Elspeth Antonelli's blog posts
5. I'd want to meet Ernest Hemingway because I like his books so much that I'd like to see what kind of person wrote them.

P.S. I cleaned my oven this evening. Well...actually I supervised the oven while it was self-cleaning. But I did wipe all the ash when it cooled. I'm getting better and better at this procrastination thing. :)

Jerry Eckert said...

Jerry Eckert
Memoirs: My life in the villages of the world and my life in the wilderness.
"Quit taking creative writing courses and start submitting -- copiously"
The wry ironies of life, of which there are many.
Would love a coffee with Annie Dillard, Terry Tempest Williams and Barry Lopez.

Kerrie said...

Jerry, Tricia, Tim and Pat, Thanks for sharing.

Tricia, I liked your writing advice: "Reading fiction is better than reading how to write fiction."

Pat-Now that the oven is clean-what else can you do to procrastinate ;-)

Tim-I like what you said about writing being like wine and cheese.

Jerry-I liked your writing advice and I hope you are following the submit copiously part.

Corey Radman said...

1. Corey Radman
2. Magazine Freelance & Corporate Communications (PR, etc.) Kerrie, we initially met over a meeting about Get Born Magazine. :)
3. Who needs adjectives? Use strong verbs!
4. Self-deprecating humor is my favorite.
5. Barbara Kingsolver - I aspire to see people as well as she does.

KC Frantzen said...

KC Frantzen
I've written a middle grade adventure about an imaginative young Schnauzer who escapes an abusive situation and eventually becomes a K9 spy.
Advice: edit, edit, and edit ruthlessly what you edit
MANY things make me laugh, but in this scenario, the real-life heroine of my story. to see some photos. She's a hoot 1/2.
Gracious - person to meet. Oh dear me. I'm quite partial to the Seekerville blog folks so meeting some of them would be fantastic (even though I don't write romance). Tolkien would be among them (as already mentioned) and CS Lewis as well. Arnette Lamb too - she was a client of my Dad's years and years ago. Would love to chat w/ her now that I'm following my dream too.
Thanks for a great blog. I don't always post but I do read and learn!

Mohamed Mughal said...

I write absurdism.
Best advice: write!
I laugh at laughing.
I want to meet the author of Genesis; I have some proposed revisions.

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