Friday, June 25, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...June 25

by Brooke Favero
If you weren't inspired by the USA World Cup match against Algeria then maybe Pimp My Novel will inspire you to keep writing. Michele Corriel thinks failure is a good thing and Seekerville says your reversal of destiny just might be around the corner.

Cutting a Deal
Pimp My Novel talks advances. Stroppy Author demystifies advances and royalties in a publishing contract. SFWA asks are agents underpaid? PubRants defines joint accounting in a multi-book deal and the one-book deal.


Guide to Literary Agents lists the five stages of querying. Nathan Bransford critiques a query--his red-line is helpful. Moonrat stresses the importance of your first page. Rachelle Gardner gives the short-and-sweet on getting published.

Jennifer Crusie gives your plot structure and Combreviations thinks literary fiction can and should have a plot. KT Literary asks if your characters have plot armor? Harry Potter did. TalkToYoUniverse recommends your characters should have inherent contradictions. Scott Eagan asks are your characters acting normal? Kidlit illustrates good telling and says you should stimulate first, then react (especially when introducing characters). Janice Hardy gives tips to remove the tell. Cheryl Klein addresses semicolons. Chip MacGregor lists 10 editing errors and gives tips on making the most out a critique group.

New Agent
Rob Daniel of Andrea Hurst & Associates.

Does your book need Re-Vamp? And if you didn't see this on PubRants last week, then check out my new BFF: sassy gay friend. When he can talk Ophelia down, well, that's just skills.
Nathan Bransford also posted an interesting poll this week: are you reading or writing more? Last I saw, most were reading. Are you reading or writing more? And what are you reading?
I'm definitely reading more. What I'm reading: the blogs, Puppies for Dummies, The Knight of Maison Rouge by Dumas, and The Ranger's Apprentice Book 2: The Burning Bridge by Flanagan. I know, I need to read Kerrie's post on writing a page a day again.

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Patricia Stoltey said...

As usual, Brooke, this is a great list. It must take a lot of time to put this weekly wrap-up together. Thanks!

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