Friday, May 7, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...May 7

Post by Brooke Farvero

This week, Writer's Digest passed out their reputable 2010 Best Websites for Writers icons. To get their complete list, you'll need to pick up a May/June issue. The Guide to Literary Agents highlights their favorite agent blogs from the list. Did your favorites make the cut? (Mine did.)

Cutting a Deal
The Guide to Literary Agents lists three things you need to know when signing with an agent. While Chip MacGregor points out the bad things you don't want to see in a contract.

Querying Perfection
Nathan Bransford illustrates how to focus your query. Anne Mini gives pointers on writing a synopsis with multiple protagonists. The Guide to Literary Agents helps you write a thriller synopsis. Pub Rants identifies when your story starts in the wrong place.

Combreviations addresses animals as plot devices. The Swivet warns about throwing in a dragon. Janice Hardy wants you to keep tension high by controlling multiple POVs. Rachelle Gardner highlights writing wisdom from Dave Cullen. The Guide to Literary Agents posts an incredible list of articles on improving your voice. And Alan Rinzler encourages eavesdropping to improve dialogue.

Do you know your category? Kidlit emphasizes its importance. And if your category is Science Fiction and Fantasy, Blood Red Pencil helps identify subgenres.

To series or not to series? Editorial Anonymous has an opinion. If you do series, then you'll need a Series Bible. Nathan Bransford explains how.

New Agents
Roseanne Wells at Marianne Strong Literary Agency and Suzie Townsend at FinePrint Literary Management.

Shew. Man, is it Friday. Enjoy. Werner Herzog Reads Madeline. Bill Murray reads poetry. And just in case you need a little demotivation. (My favorite is sanity.)

Once you check out some of these great posts, come back and share which are your favorites.



Dave Cullen said...

Thanks for the shout-out on Rachelle's piece on my writing tips. She did a wonderful job organizing my ideas. It was great to see it.

For anyone interested in my work, there's lots more info at my Columbine site.

Thanks again.

Patricia Stoltey said...

There's so much here I hardly know where to start. Maybe that article on thriller synopsis...

Jenny S. said...

The articles on voice are great, as is the reminder from PubRants to start the story in the right place. And who hasn't wanted to throw in a dragon? That cracked me up.

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