Friday, May 21, 2010

This Week in the Writing World...May 21

Post by Brooke
Welcome to the jungle. As Barnes & Noble gets into self-publishing and iPad takes on Kindle (or is it the other way around), e-books offer a whole new app: the Vook, a smoothie of writing, video and social networking. Many authors/entertainers embrace the new media and this week the New York Times announces the Guns N' Roses' Vook. Whether you agree or disagree with that sweet child, Alan Rinzler thinks the Vook is an opportunity for writers.

But with apps like these, will e-book piracy become a problem? Wired doesn't think so, as long as the publishing industry manages it right. And how will it trickle down to the author? PubRants explains e-book royalties.

Building Your Platform
Guide to Literary Agents offers ten tips for marketing online. #7: Be careful what you say online. Of Blog agrees. Do you know when to be silent with your opinions? You should. Rachelle Gardner says there is more than one reputation at stake.

Pimp My Novel shares his wisdom on writing a great query. Nathan Bransford reminds us that every writer gets rejected. Stet says writers have good days and bad days. Odyssey Workshop asks when should you give up on a story? And when you sell your first book, can you quit your day job? Kitlit gently slaps every writer with a reality check.

Claudia Gray defends outlining. The INTERN outlines a book that sells. Marshall Payne tells you to watch your "it." The Blood Red Pencil gives tips for building characters and The Book View Cafe finds value in a writing notebook.

New Agent
Sarah LaPolla at Curtis Brown.

And finally, Combreviations asks who you gonna call? Naturally, Ghostbusters. (Honestly, college kids have way too much free time. But today I'm glad. Enjoy.)

Are there blogs that I'm missing? Who are you reading that should make my blog round-up?


Jenny S. said...

I love what The Book View Cafe has to say. I don't care how far technology progresses...there's nothing better than a spiral notebook.

KC Frantzen said...

One blog I follow DAILY is a mix of fun and amazing useful information.

2 from this week:

It doesn't get a lot better than this.

Thanks for all you do also! Good info!

Pam said...

I just want to take a moment to thank you for the great job you do at collecting and sharing really valuable resources. I’m a relatively new writer, and I haven’t published yet, but I am learning so much just by paying attention to the things you feel are important. Thank you!

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