Friday, April 23, 2010

This Week in the Writing World: April 23

Post by NCW member Brooke Favero

This week in the blogs...

Volcano, volcano, volcano. But did it thump the London Book Fair? Publisher's Weekly dishes out some hope. Good luck London Book Fair. The Icelandic volcano is a worthy opponent. It burns the nostrils.

To help you rise above the ash (or the Coloradan fog), Alan Rinzler offers writerly courage, Nathan Bransford touts willpower, and Rachelle Gardner counsels patience.

To stand out in the query pile, Janet Reid defines the preferred style for e-query subject lines. Spoiler: RE: "Query" for Title of a book I just finished which makes me awesome you're going to love it so let's get drinks! is not a good subject line. She no likey. And Bookends offers a friendly reminder to keep your query professional. Several agents seem to be complaining about this lately. So remember even if you're wearing sweats behind a computer, your query should look like a navy blazer.

To find an agent, Guide to Literary Agents highlights Amy Boggs, Donald Maass Literary's newest agent. New agents are a great opportunity for new authors. The Guide to Literary Agents also lists ten great questions to ask an agent before signing. If you have an agent, Betsy Lerner gives advice on getting blurbs for your soon-to-release book.

To improve your craft and polish your work, The Blood Red Pencil speaks but never laughs about dialogue and Janice Hardy also helps you speak pretty. Backspace pulls out passive voice. Kidlit addresses swearing in YA/MG. KT Literary talks about good story beginnings. And Book Cannibal lists (almost) all the rules of writing and how to break them.

After reading all the advice and opinion out there, Writer Unboxed tackles how to stay true to your writing.

And finally, PajamaJeans. I thought the Snuggie was a writer's best friend--not anymore. But will PajamaJeans affect the industry more than e-books?

Brooke Favero is a freelance marcom/tech/web writer. She lives in Aurora, Colorado. She hopes to publish in Middle Grade some day soon.


Jenny S. said... many helpful links. Thanks for compiling a great time-saving list.

And PajamaJeans may be a dream come true. I'd no longer have to change my clothes before I walk to the mailbox!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Great links, Brooke. Thanks.

But PajamaJeans cannot possibly be as comfy as fleecy sweatpants. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - great link list! Thanks for taking the time to compile it. Off to clicking...

Kerrie said...

Pat I agree, Pajama Jeans can't possibly be as comfy as fleece and flannel.

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