Friday, February 19, 2010

Blog Carnival

This is our first ever Northern Colorado Writers (NCW) blog carnival! Yeah! NCW is an organization that supports and encourages writers of all genres and levels. Our membership of nearly 200 spans from Colorado to Wyoming to Minnesota.

This carnival celebrates the blogs of the NCW members. Have fun visiting and be sure to leave comments. :-)

Cheryl Miller Thurston
A teacher-turned-writer’s random thoughts on creativity, humor, education, and more…

Diane Fromme
Mama J's Parenting Posts
My blog sparks conversation about stepparenting and about raising girls.

Anne-Marie Nichols
This Mama Cooks!
Watch this mama lose pound at a time. Diet, weight loss and fitness tips, plus healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy!

Melissa Dutmers
Change by Design: Insight at the intersection of work+life

Dr. Peter Springberg
Eat like the Doc does
Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle topics.

Patricia Stoltey
Patricia Stoltey
A blog about the writing life, books, social media, and getting published.

Kristy Lantz Astry
Realtabsd's Blog
My blog covers my Belgian Sheepdogs, birding and writing.

Laura Lee Carter
Midlife Crisis Queen
The Midlife Crisis Queen is all about getting you through your toughest times. Go see her when you KNOW it's time to change your life!

Carolyn Yalin
Thoughts from a one-armed writer.
I am a mother who loves to write, even if it means having my daughter on my left hip and my right hand on the keyboard.

Kay Theodoratus
Mutterings of a Wanna Be Writer
Comments on how my reading gives me examples on how I should write -- and how well I follow them.

Cricket McRae
Hearth Cricket
Mysteries, writing, recipes and musings on traditional domestic arts.

Karin Livingston
Check out the horse blog you’ll never forget, covering all things equine from books about horses, to games, 4-H, horse property issues, stable management and training!

Luana Krause
Emerald City
Welcome to my world: commentary, rantings, inspiration, blatherings, quips, witticisms, jargon, pleasantries, wisecracks, wordplay, whatnot and all that jazz.

Patricia Walker
Voice of the Spirit
This blog explores music, body, mind and spirit, mysticism, God, self-realization, science, various conventional and non-conventional spiritual beliefs and paranormal and supernatural realms in an effort to provide others with hope that their lives can be everything they've ever dreamed of.

Bob McDonnell
Words by Bob
A look at the use, misuse and humor of words

Pam Wolf
Writing Outside the Barn
Stories of compassion, kindness and connections between humans and animals.

Laura Lee Carter
Medical Research on Aging
What's the latest on Boomer health issues? Laura Lee will keep you informed.

Name: Lee Larsen
Lee's Reads
A collection of book reviews from young adult/teens to adult.

Jim Davidson
Speaking of Adventure
Distilling lessons from climbing adventures into wisdom for a resilient life and a thriving business.

Pam Wolf
The Spice of Life
What has added flavor to your life? Fun/Meaning/Your Faith Journey/Love/Best Friends/Feeling Healthy/Pets/A Calling/A Memory/An Experience/A Relationship/Your Family?...Name it and write about it. I'll do the same.

Maggie Goins
Living in the Write Mind
This is where I will post my thoughts, tips, and topics on writing.

Erika Nossokoff
Notes From Nigeria
It's about an inspiring AIDS clinic in Nigeria, with a combination of personal stories and current happenings.

Kathleen Harrell
Retired in the Rockies
My blog is an eclectic collection of glimpses into my life as I explore my new journey as a retired writer living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my husband, including stories that wander through my childhood and child rearing days, sharing humor, travel, photography, some of my crafts and recipes, as well as an occasional editorial.

Joannah Merriman
Woodswoman d'Italia
Adventures in Italy and France

Maggie Goins
2010 Tech Street
2010 Tech Street, blog companion of website Internet Safety Central, discusses online and tech communications safety and news.

I hope you had fun at the NCW Blog carnival.
NCW Director


Patricia Stoltey said...

This is a great list, Kerrie. Many of these are new to me, so I'm off to explore.

Amy Tate said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for the list. I'll have fun with that this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this post. I sincerely appreciate you spreading the word about our work.
Thank you!
Melissa Dutmers

Kay said...

Thank you for the listing. I enjoyed taking a tour of others' opinions and interests.

Kerrie said...

I am glad you all are (or plan too--Amy) enjoying the list of great blogs. I hope you find some new ones to add to your reader or blog roll. :-)

Name: Luana Krause said...

Thank, Kerrie! I can't wait to get started!

Michelle Mach said...

How fun! I'm in another blog carnival and we all write on the same topic on a certain day. The topics are broad and open to interpretation. (The first one was "beginnings.") Might be fun to try with NCW.

Maggie said...

Thank you Kerrie! I had a great time reading blog after wonderful blog.

Kerrie said...

Michelle, I like that idea, we will do that for our next carnival.
Maggie, you're welcome.

Bob McDonnell said...

Thanks for listing all of us. My blog stats show that people are reading this and jumping over to my blog.

Kerrie said...

I am so glad to hear that. We will do it again soon--this time with a topic like Michelle suggested.


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