Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ReBooWee: end of week 6

Sorry for the delayed post. My days got kind of mushed together. I'm bummed to report that I didn't finish a book last week. I started one and got about a 1/3 in to it and just didn't like it. So, I started another one, The Time Travelers Wife. I am enjoying this one so far and will definitely get it done this week.

How did everyone else do? Did you read and finish a book last week? What did you like most about it (characters, plot, setting...)?


Patricia Stoltey said...

I read Becca Fitzpatrick's YA (teen) novel Hush! Hush! Hopefully Becca's work will help move teen novels away from vampires. It's still a paranormal, but the story involves fallen angels with evil intent, a mixed race of the descendants of fallen angels who've mated with humans, and a high school girl who gets caught up in this strange world when she's attracted to a couple of new guys in her school.

Becca's a good writer and her novel is doing well. It's a good read. I found it a bit edgy for younger girls, but I'd recommend it for older teens.

Mason Canyon said...

I read Dot Ryan's Corrigans' Pool. It's set at the beginning of the Civil War on a plantation in Georgia. Anyone who enjoyed Gone with the Wind and Jezebel (1938) would enjoy this.

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