Friday, October 9, 2009

Off on Another Adventure

Tomorrow I am heading to the Douglas County Library Writers Conference to present 2 workshops. One is called Tips to Getting Accepted in the Magazine World and the other is Finding the Right Literary Agent for You. I haven't been to this conference before and am looking forward to it.

Then at 6:30 am on Sunday, I am heading to Arkansas with my daughter, two teachers and 15 other high school students (a 15 hour drive from Colorado). We will be spending 3 nights at the Heifer International Global Village for what I assume will be an enlightening experience.

"Global Passport participants, in a safe simulation, will experience what it is like when someone in your community loses everything and they must rely on the generosity of their neighbors. Will the community come together and provide the needed relief? In the full Global Passport program, all “families” are challenged to improve their circumstances by adopting a variety of methods Heifer uses in the field, including adding livestock, improved animal management and finding a unique market to sell goods. Throughout the two-night and three-night programs, participants must provide for their “family” by tending gardens and livestock, working in the village community, buying supplies from the international market and cooking authentic meals using appropriate technology. Each night the family will come together and sleep in representative housing, such as a Tibetan yurt.

I plan to journal each day and record this experience which I anticipate will be eye-opening and possibly life changing.

During my week-long adventure I will repost some of my favorite past blogs. I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to sharing highlights from trip next week.

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