Friday, September 18, 2009

More About Passive & Active Verbs

In Tuesday's post I mentioned one way to tighten up any writing is to eliminate passive verbs. Yesterday, Ray Rhamey, a blogger with Writer Unboxed addressed this very issue. His post explains why passive voice doesn't work and has great examples. He even shows a couple of examples of when passive voice is better, which I found very interesting.

I highly recommend stopping by Writer Unboxed and reading this amazing post: Activate passive narrative—most of the time


Jaime Theler said...

Thanks for the link! My rough drafts are usually painfully passive, so I often do one revision read-through just to make it more active.

Holly Jahangiri said...

Passive voice isn't inherently evil. It is just overused (primarily by writers who appear to be afraid of taking responsibility or ascribing blame to anyone in particular) and misunderstood.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, earlier!

Kerrie said...

I hear ya. I have to work hard at not being passive.
Holly, I agree, passive voice isn't evil, but abused and overused.

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