Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Dream Come True?

This blog post may seem like it is not related to writing in any way (except for the part that I personally had to write it), but I think--no I know there will be a story that comes from it.

My husband surprised me with an early birthday gift. He is taking me to Vegas in a couple of weeks! I like going to sin city and I really like the idea of getting away for a few days. But it gets better. He also got us tickets to see Donny and Marie Osmond perform at the Flamingo.

This last part made me scream and jump up and down. I have a been a Donny and Marie fan since I was eight years old and their variety show was on t.v. I remember having a Donny and Marie coloring book, I remember anxiously waiting to watch the Love Boat episode that had Donny on it and I remember wondering if I was a little big country or a little bit rock and roll.

Over the years I have followed their careers and lives. I am not a fanatic about it. I don't know the names of all their children, I don't own all their albums and I don't know their birthdays (I take that back, I just learned that Marie is going to turn 50 on October 13).

But I am fascinated by them. I read Donny's memoir, Life is Just What You Make It: My Story So Far and I will be reading Marie's, Might As Well Laugh About It Now, that recently came out. I love to watch and listen to Donny in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I even voted for Marie each week she was on Dancing With the Stars last season and I will do the same for Donny this season.

I scared the bejeebers out of my daughter last year when I screamed after hearing that the whole Osmond clan was going to be on Oprah. I DVR'd the episode and watched it over and over.

Bottom line (this is absolutely true) is they are on my Bucket List of people to meet before I die.

Now I am going to see them in person (insert another scream). My dilemma is that I need to figure out how to meet them (since they are on my list). My husband didn't see the need to pay the extra $125 per ticket for the VIP tickets that included a photo op, even though he knows how much I love Donny and Marie.

So, what are your ideas? What can I do to meet my favorite duo? (this is where the writing part comes in) Please share your ideas with me--I will seriously consider trying them all, not matter how crazy they may seem.

Help me Writing Bug readers--you are my only hope!



Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Maybe you can find a way to email this blog to them or to the manager at the theater hosting them and ask him/her to deliver. I have a feeling they'd love to meet such a longtime fan. Good luck in Vegas and I hope your dream of meeting the Osmonds comes true.

Kerrie said...

Good idea. I will keep you posted.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I just tweeted @donnyosmond and @marieosmond and sent them the link to your blog post.

Windy Lynn Harris said...

Hi Kerrie,

I'm tinkering with a new short story character this week, a gal with the kind of moxie needed at a time like this. Her suggestion? FAKE AN AWARD!

She suggested a nice shiny plaque with their names etched on it and the words "Most Fabulous Memoir in Recent History" or something like that below.

How could the gatekeepers deny you backstage access when you want to congratulate the duo personally? You flew all the way to Vegas, etc, etc.

Hope you find success! And thank you for this--it got me working!


Bigjere said...

Writers sometimes fake press credentials. Say you are from "The Wellington", our local newspaper here that is too small for them to check with. Say you are doing a story for The Wellington that is intended to be worked into the Music Arts curriculum at Wellington Jr. High. That you need a picture and a 5 minute interview to ask about their school years. That should hook 'em.


Anonymous said...

We were in the older Osmond's home when we lived in Salt Lake for a reception of presenters on their fundraising TV event. Bob made a presentation. I'm sorry to say, neither were very friendly. May have been a bad day or something. We visited with their mother when we viewed their family wall of pictures. She felt we were probably related since Osmundson means "son of Osmund" but as you can see, we spell it differently. Have fun in Vegas.

Pam said...

Upgrade to the VIP tickets. That's a no brainer and this is your life and your bucket list you are talking about. If money is a problem, you can have your friends and family pitch in for it. I'm good for $25.00

Bigjere said...

I second Pam's thought. Go for it. These chances don't happen very often, as in once in a lifetime.

Ruth, Lake Orion, MI said...

I have just read your blog so I am slow to give my suggestion. Why don't you email Dr. Phil or Oprah? Dr. Phil says he reads EVERY email and he seems to connect a lot of people. Oprah has a lot of "pull", too! Good for Rich for surprising you with that! I've always thought he was a great guy! Hope you are successful in achieving your goal!

Kerrie said...

These are all great ideas. Windy, faking an award is interesting.
Fake my press credentials?? :-) I'd like to be able to go using real press credentials.

My mom and dad offered to pay for me to upgrade my seats to VIP. BUT, Rich didn't buy the tickets through the Flamingo box office, so they won't upgrade. I can check the day of the show and possibly upgrade then.

I have another plan I am working on and will let you know how that pans out. I will give a complete update in a blog later today or first thing in the morning.

Thanks for all your great suggestions. I loved reading them all.

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