Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Does Your Email Say About You?

I have blogged about this topic before, but figured it was time to revisit again, especially for anyone looking to get published. I urge you, no I am begging you, please create an email address that actually has your name in it. It shows professionalism and it makes it easier to find.

As the director of Northern Colorado Writers I am accountable to 180 members, my presenters and around conference time, agents, editors, authors and other writers. Needless to say, I get a lot of email. I do a pretty good job keeping track of everything, but there are times when writers make my life a little challenging because when I sit down to send them an email, I can't figure out which email address is theirs. This is challenge is not exclusive to my job as director. I have heard agents and editors say this is problem for them too.

Imagine sitting down to write an email to Laura Smith who you had a brief correspondence with. You do what we all do, start typing her name. But, if Laura doesn't have an email address with her name in it, you will type out the whole name and still not find her. So then you have to sort through the "no name" pile (just like a teacher).

Then you either take a guess at whether Laura is a nudist or vegan or you don't even bother to send the email--not good if it is an agent you sent a query to.

So please, make life a little easier for people and use your name in your email address. It shows you are a professional and helps others identify you.

Thanks for listening,


Lisa Vella said...

This is excellent advice! As someone who does business online and often has to search for emails of those I've only had a brief interaction with, this makes complete sense to me! Thanks so much, and have a great day.

Janie said...

Good advice. Now I have a question for you. I sent my manuscript to a publisher whose submission guidelines said would respond in 4-6 weeks. I'm in the sixth week now and wonder if I should follow up in some way. What's your advice if I don't hear soon?

Patricia Stoltey said...

You are right on with the email address advice, Kerrie. It must be difficult for an agent or editor to take an author seriously if his e-mail address is flighty or suggestive.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Good advice! Amazes me the number of folks who don't know to do this.

Kerrie said...

I am so glad you all agree. Hopefully the folks like hear me too. If I can change one email address because of my post, I will know my post here was not in vain.

Janie, great question. I will use it as my post on Monday for Dear Kerrie.

Woodswoman d'Italia said...

Well, I'm one of those people. My e-mail name has been jetlost for so long, and it's such a pain to change the CSU e-mail stuff, but I should try. I always thought it was too boring with my name, but I know what you mean.

My business card says, and that gets kicked to my jetlost/CSU e-mail. I'll have to ponder what to do.

Thanks for the input though.

Woodswoman d'Italia said...

Oh oops! And of course the google name on this comment is ANOTHER pseudonym for my travel blog. I'll sign my real name (and that's another whole story . . . ) here, Kerrie, so you won't be completely beflummoxed by my previous comment

Joannah Merriman

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