Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review: Denise Vega's Books

Guest Blogger

Delaney is a freshman in high school and a talented young writer who loves to read and write reviews for me.


"My name is Erin P. Swift. I am now going into 9th grade, but not without my share of humiliating experiences. You know how most people say that 7th grade is the year of wonder and a new beginning.

Well at least my best friend Jilly said it was. She couldn’t stop talking about cute boys, lockers, cute boys. It drove me insane. All I wanted to do was play basketball, and create web pages and a secret blog. Middle school was the least of my worries.
The weird thing about Molly Brown Middle school is that all the kids are separated into three different tracks. Which mean different classes, different lunches, different everything. And well let’s just say me and Jilly didn’t get on the same track. And I had never lived without Jilly before.

She stood me up and walked me around (she ever chose my clothes)…..she kinda controlled me. But not in a bad way. I was so scared. That was only the beginning of my YOHE (Year of humiliating events). But I’m not gonna tell you all of it. But to sum it up lets just say there’s boy drama, blog drama, corn costumes, and cherry tootsie pops.

Well that was 7th grade. Ah! Scary! 8th grade wasn’t much better. During the summer again Jilly went on about the same things she did last summer. Cute boys, lockers, cute boys. (Even though she had a boyfriend.) But at least we were on the same track that year. But from the YOHE I had learned to stand on my two feet, but it was still good to have Jilly with me.

I walked in to MBMS (Molly Brown Middle School), on the first day expecting everything to go great all year long. That changed when I met Reede my locker partner. I looked at her once and knew there was going to be trouble. But again I can’t tell you everything, except the drama in 8th grade was so much different then the drama in 7th grade. I would call it more mature."

Okay, well I’m not actually Erin P. Swift, I just though it would be fun to write in her perspective for a little bit. But I can’t truly get into her voice, the only person that can actually do that is Denise Vega author of Click Here: To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade and the second book in the series, Access Denied (and other eighth grade error messages) . She is one smart cookie I must say. Click Here was an amazing book of self-discovery, and drama.

The way there was plot in every chapter, kept me turning every page. (I finished in a matter of three days.) Not only is her plot wonderful, but so was her character development. I could actually feel what Erin or Jilly was feeling. Click Here also had a moral like every good book should have.

By the end of the book Erin had grown from a dependent person, to a very free and independent person. She learned she could walk on her own over-sized feet.

Access Denied was a very different story then Click Here. Much different drama. It went from best friend and blog drama to major boy and peer pressure drama. This book made me laugh, made me angry (I actually almost threw it once, but didn’t,) and made me cry, (Yes I actually bawled, not just cried.) Oh yeah and it constantly made me crave cherry Tootsie pops.

After reading Click Here I didn’t think Erin had anymore growing to do, but I was wrong. Throughout the second book she was faced with many situations that forced her to choose between the right thing and the wrong thing. Peer pressure. Of course she messed up a few things but what kind of book would it be if she didn’t? We all make mistakes.

This book also has a good lesson. From the beginning even after Click Here, Erin was kind of a follower, never really a leader (Except in the Intranet club.) She followed others examples, and always craved to fit it. But in the last chapter we see that she became a leader and affected others choices. She became unique, and open. She learned to express her opinions freely. Well, I think she just became a freshmen, ready to take on the four grueling years of high school ahead of her…..bum bum bum!

I recommend you get this book for any teen girls you know. They will love it.



Kerrie said...

Another fabulous post Delaney. You are awesome.


Aunt Sue said...

Way to go, Delaney. Really enjoyed your post. Looking forward to reading more.

helen c. said...

You have good taste in books, Delaney.
Nice job reviewing Denise Vega's books.
She's an impressive writer (so are you).
Keep reading.
Keep writing.

Nicole said...

Great job, Delaney!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Nice review, Delaney. I really like the approach you took here. Writing from the character's point of view is a fun idea.

Theresa B said...

I can see why your mom is so proud of you . You are an amazing writer Delaney . I think i am going to buy those books for my son Sal . He will be entering high school this year .I think it may help him to see how other kids feel . keep on reading and writing ...Excellent job!

Trai said...

These are totally the kind of reviews that really let people know what to expect and why it's a good book (or not). Thanks for the insight, D!

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