Saturday, July 25, 2009

Query Letters Examples

A great query letter is a must in order to get the attention of a literary agent or editor. People ask me all the time how they can improve their letter or if I have examples.

Literary Agent Nathan Bransford has helped me out. On a few recent posts, Bransford highlighted a few queries that he felt were well written and prompted him to ask for the manuscript. If you are in the process of seeking an agent, be sure to look over these queries to see what catches the eye of an agent.

Anatomy of a Good Query Letter

Anatomy of a Good Quer Letter II

Anatomy of a Good Queryl Letter III

Happy querying!


Carol Kilgore said...

I just finished my query. These examples at Nathan Bransford's blog were a huge help. I highly recommend them, too.

Kerrie said...

Wishing you positive responses from your query. Keep me posted.

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