Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting the 411 on the Publishing Industry

When you need to get a phone number or address you can dial 411 on your cell phone and get exactly what you need. The publishing industry is a little different. You can't dial 411 to get submission guidelines, query writing tips, tools to improve your writing or advice on where to find freelancing jobs. But you can surf the Internet to find this information and more.

I took a voyage today into cyber space and I visited blogs, read online articles and immersed myself in the world of writing. I tracked my journey so I could share it with you. Enjoy.

Write The Story That Grips You: Pub Rants. Literary Agent Kristin Nelson has one of my favorite blogs. She includes so much information about the industry. Her blog post today is from guest blogger and author Kristina Riggle whose debut novel, Real Life & Liars was released today. She shares her thoughts about her publishing experience.

Funds For Writers: C. Hope Clark has so much great information on her website. I subscribe to her newsletter which like the website, is packed with market news, articles, grant information and writing jobs.

This Week In Publishing: This post alone was worth my voyage. Literary Agent Nathan Bransford shares some great resources from other blogs and websites.

Why I Spent the Night in the Boys' Locker Room by mystery Author Patricia Stoltey. This post has nothing to do with writing, but it is a fun read.

It’s All in the Details. This post on the blog, Blood Red Pencil shares how to write effective description. The fabulous website is dedicated to editing and all those little details that make our writing stronger.

How to Scare an Agent by literary agent Rachelle Gardner. Her blog is a wonderful resource for authors seeking an agent and she occasionally hosts fun contests.

How I Got My Agent
. Writers Digest editor Chuck Sambuchino has started this series on his blog that has authors share their journey on how they got their agent.

Please share other places you visit on your own virtual journey.


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