Monday, April 27, 2009

Win a Free T-Shirt

Hi Writers!

I have some t-shirts left over from the Northern Colorado Writers Conference that I am going to give away.

If you are interested in winning a shirt, all you need to do is share a favorite writing website or blog in the comment section before noon on Friday, May 1st.

I will randomly pick a winner and send that person the shirt. If I get a lot of entries, I will give away another shirt. Each person can enter up to three times, but each entry must be submitted separately.

Happy Entering!


Rachel Langston said...

I love the Lisa Writes blog at

Can't wait to see if I get a new shirt!

Rachel Langston

Bill Eihausen said...

Not only is the Writer magazine filled with information, its web site- has a lot also.

Bill Eihausen

Kyra said...

My favorite website this week is, especially the sections about how to pitch specific magazines.

Laura Bridgwater

Woodswoman d'Italia said...

Evelyn Hannon is an amazing woman, honored by many organizations and publications. Her website,, is for all things woman-travel. Trips, tips, stories, lots and lots of stuff.

I'll take black or red if my name gets pulled, and if those colors are available! Thanks, Kerrie

Joannah Merriman

Woodswoman d'Italia said...

Oh, I just thought of another one. is very interesting, and they encourage submissions for essay, fiction, and poetry. They have contests, story of the week, etc. Very nice, free subscription online, good support for writers, I think.

Woodswoman (Joannah Merriman)

Kyra said...

I learned about Shari Caudron's new blog, Killer Nonfiction, at the 2009 NCW conference. If you attended her classes, you might have heard about it, too. Check it out--Shari knows writing and how to teach it.

Laura Bridgwater

Kyra said...

If you are interested in following the painful death of newspapers, the American Journalism Review is a must-read. Find it at

Debbie Bates Cavitt said...

Take a look at
Jon and Laura are so supportive. Join the Clubhouse.
I would love a t shirt from a state I used to live when I was much much much younger.
Deborah Bates Cavitt

Woodswoman d'Italia said...

I try to follow 3 blogs by a woman I know, who has collected quite a group of followers. One is, and from there you can get the other ones, titled A New Yorker in Houston and Nature Girl, though those aren't quite the names. Wide range of interesting things.

There are my three allotted suggestions. Hope you enjoy one or more of them.

Joannah Merriman

Kathleen Murphy said...

I love PBS television's American novel Web site at A must for anyone who loves great fiction.

Leslie said...

I enjoy YOUR blog. But I read several others too... including Writing FUNdamentals,

Cheri Clay said...

My favorite site is by C. Hope Clark. Really anything by Clark great information!

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