Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy National Grammar Day

I want to wish all of you writers a happy National Grammar Day!

In 2004, Martha Brockenbrough, came to the aid of grammar and started The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG). The group now has nearly 6,000 members.

"SPOGG is for people who crave good, clean English — sentences cast well and punctuated correctly. It's about clarity. And who knows how many of the world's huge problems could be solved if we had a little more of that?"

Visit their website ( to learn more, find some great information about common grammar mistakes and read some fascinating blogs.

Also, for you Facebookers, you can become a fan of the SPOGG group"I judge you when you use poor grammar."

Be sure to wish everyone you see today, a Happy National Grammar Day!


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