Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book'em: Tricia Downing

NCW special agents apprehended the following the agents, editors and authors as they prepared to steal time away to present at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference April 3-4.

Case #2

Suspect: Tricia Downing (Motivational Speaker)

Aliases: Trish, Dish, Trixie

Location: Denver

Apprehended: while on a handcycle going downhill at 45 mph

“Clue” to favorite writing spot: in the sun room, kitten on lap, with the trusty mac

Known to be involved with writing: since she learned that she could...just before high school graduation

Last seen autographing: postcards, t-shirts, hats at the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Florida

Spotted recently: in Mile High Sports Magazine

Often seen: juggling work, workouts and free time (Free time? What's that?)

Dreams about: a day without a "To Do" list and finishing a memoir

Overuses this written word: which

Addictions: chocolate chip brownies, sour cream and cheddar potato chips

For further profiling visit www.trishdowning.com

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