Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book'em: Laura Resau

NCW special agents apprehended the following the agents, editors and authors as they prepared to steal time away to present at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference April 3-4.

Case #4

Suspect: Laura Resau (YA Author)

Aliases: Mommy, Magic

Location: Old Town, Fort Collins

Apprehended: page-proofing The Indigo Notebook, copy-editing Star in the Forest, writing The Cerise Notebook, revising The Queen of Water, and trying not to get too terribly confused.

“Clue” to favorite writing spot: a silver, ten-foot-long "canned ham" on wheels in the driveway

Known to be involved with writing: since she invented the fantastical Bottlebug saga in second grade

Last seen autographing: her latest novel, Red Glass, a Fort Collins Reads companion book

Spotted recently: on Oprah's list (alas, not quite her sofa!) for Red Glass

Often seen: day-dreaming under a big cottonwood by the Poudre River

Dreams about: traveling to faraway jungles, oceans, waterfalls, caves

Overuses this written word: dappled

Addictions: tea with heaps of honey and milk

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