Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book'em: Jessica Faust

NCW special agents apprehended the following the agents, editors and authors as they prepared to steal time away to present at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference April 3-4.

Case #3

Suspect: Jessica Faust (Literary Agent)

Aliases: Agent, Mama, Hey You

Location: Gillette, NJ

Apprehended: while planning literary careers, writing blog posts, reading submissions, and loving her job.

Known to be involved with the publishing industry: since working as an editorial assistant with Berkley Publishing.

Spotted recently: roaming the NYU campus in search of her classroom

Often seen: with her Kindle under one arm and a large decaf venti nonfat latte in the other

Recently found enjoying a query letter: that wowed me with the voice and a brilliant idea

Known to delete a query because: I’m one of 150 agents on the list

Wishes more authors would: write the query that comes naturally to them, let their voice shine through

Overuses this written word: frankly

Addictions: coffee, exercise and work

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