Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book'em: Carol McAdoo Rehme

NCW special agents apprehended the following the agents, editors and authors as they prepared to steal time away to present at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference April 3-4.

Suspect: Carol McAdoo Rehme

Aliases: Crossword Carol

Location: Heartland Colorado

Apprehended: with a weapon in her right hand -- lead in the barrel and a silencer (eraser) on the end.

"Clue" to favorite writing spot: surrounded by window-banked walls

Known to be involved with writing: Since the womb, spanked on departure for scribbling on the walls.

Last seen autographing: at Barnes and Noble autographing Chicken Soup for the Soul: Empty Nesters

Spotted recently: when the top of her head surfaced above the piles of book projects on her desk

Often seen: receiving accolades, most recently the Storytelling World Award and Colorado Authors League Harvey Award

Dreams about: A month-long writing retreat, sans phone, dog ... and husband

Overuses this written word: Any with 4-letters (crossword puzzles)

Addictions: freshly sharpened pencils, original note cards, and antique autograph albums

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