Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Know You Are a Writer When...

This is something I wrote a couple of years ago that was originally published on Absolute Write. I thought it would be fun to share again. Enjoy.

You know you are a writer when...

It is impossible for you to read a book without a red pen in hand, so you can edit the already published and edited book.

You go to set the table and you find ideas you had jotted down on a napkin—a cloth napkin.

You dread facing the blank computer screen so much that you you’d rather pick the grime out of your stove with a toothpick, then sit down and start writing.

You get a SASE in the mailbox and you either rip it open right then and there to get the good/bad news or you let it sit on your desk for a week because you are afraid to see what is inside.

You find yourself saying, “Gee Beth, I’m sorry your dog died...but can I write a story about it?”

You move your bed into the dining room and your computer into your bedroom, so you can claim your bedroom as a home office on your taxes.

You eagerly anticipate the release of the new Writer's Market and then when you do get it, you reverently place it next to the family bible.

You become so engrossed in your writing that you constantly embarrass your children because you’re still in your pajamas when you pick them up from school.

Your fictional characters become so real that you start adding them to your prayer list.

You walk into your bedroom at night and your spouse has set the mood-candles, music- for a romantic evening and you say, “Not tonight honey, I’ve got to keep writing.”

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