Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wreck This Journal-update

We continue to have fun "wrecking our journals." If you missed my post about this fun book, Wreck This Journal, that I got my family for Christmas you can read the first blog I wrote about it.

My husband Rich is having a great time with his. He made a paper airplane with one of the pages, he used a page as a napkin, has drawn with his left hand and has chewed on a page. The book has even come between us...literally. One of the pages says, "Sleep with your journal. (document the experience)." So one night I get into bed and the journal is there. I laugh and tell Rich that's funny, expecting him to take the journal out of the bed. Nope--the journal stayed there all night.

Here are our latest journal pages:

Here I am showing the page where I wrote everything backwards.

Here is what I wrote

Here are Delaney and Rich using their journal as a napkin.

If you have this journal, let me know how you are wrecking yours.


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