Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A New Slant

At church this past Sunday the pastor mentioned that for the past 23 years he looks forward to the challenge of coming up with a different message for the Christmas story and creating a new slant on the very familiar story.

It made me start thinking of my own freelance writing and how the biggest challenge at times is coming up with a new slant to an idea. I teach in my magazine writing classes that there really aren't any new ideas, there are just new ways to present the ideas.

You would think editors are tired of getting articles about dieting, but every January, the cover lines at the newsstands seem to all be about losing weight. Other "evergreen" topics are money, politics, family, sex, food and travel. You can always create articles related to these subjects. Right now "going green" and the economy are hot topics. If you can take an idea and give it a green or economic slant, I imagine you would sell a lot of articles.

I guess my point to all of this is that if you are a freelance writer, all the ideas for your soon to be articles are already out there, you just have to find a new or not done recently, slant. At times it feels as though everything has already been done, but I assure you it hasn't. If a pastor can come up with 23 different ways to present the Christmas story, I think we as freelancers can come up with some new takes on old ideas and make some sales in 2009.

Happy Writing

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