Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Greatest Gift

Around this time last year, I was recovering from a fall and blogged about Priorities. This year I am healthy and have no major injuries (knock on a big piece of wood) and my family is all doing well, which is good.

As we approach Christmas, the hectic holiday life amps up a notch. Thoughts of decorations, parties and of course gifts, fill our brains. We become consumed by it all.

I am not saying it is bad thing--I personally love the holiday season. But I do catch myself at times getting a little too caught up in it all, while I run around trying to find the perfect gifts for family, friends, teachers, neighbors... It seems during all this hustle and bustle, the one person I forget about is me.

There is one gift you can give yourself that is more valuable than anything else and it won't cost you a cent. How about honoring yourself with the gift of time? This time can be used to work on your novel, send out queries, journal, --basically it is time to just write.

To make this more fun, write down the days and times you are giving to yourself, on a small certificate. Wrap it up and open it on Christmas (or another holiday if you don't celebrate Christmas). After you open it, write the info in your daytimer and hang up the certificate. You need to honor this gift to yourself and keep the times for writing. Don't waste the gift--respect yourself and your writing enough to enjoy it.

Happy Writing!


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