Sunday, December 7, 2008

Book Review: The No-No Boys

My eighth grade daughter, Delaney, is back with another book review. In honor of Pearl Harbor Day, we chose a book related to WWII, The No-No Boys, by Teresa Funke.
What would you do if everything got taken away from you, and you were sent to a camp, surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers? How would you feel? In the book, The No-No Boys, a boy named Tai and his family got sent to a camp like this during WWII, when the American government took all Japanese Americans and took them to War Relocation camps with only one suitcase full of stuff.

This book has everything in it, humor, sadness, and a compelling story. Author Teresa Funke, does a fabulous job portraying the confusion the main character Tai feels. The emotion of this 9th grade boy is very well described through this entire book. It describes everything that goes on in the camp, and everything that goes on in his life. From Judo, to dances, to fires, this book shows what life in an internment camp for a fourteen-year-old was like.

Even though this book is meant for young adults, I personally think that all ages should read this book. It gives history in a new perspective, and it can really help all of us respect history in a different way.

I really enjoyed this book for many reasons. First, it relates to teenagers. I would really hate being in a camp like that…and I know this because of the way it was shown through Tai. All the emotion that Tai feels; I can totally relate to. Second, it is really well written with believable dialogue and good descriptions…I really loved it!

Finally, it gives a really good message. That even when times get hard, and friends and family start to pull away, you must be strong, because you will get through it. And even though you may be scared, you must stand up for what you believe in and be brave.

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Nicole Sender said...

Great job, Delaney! I am definitely putting this book on my list of "must-reads" — excellent review!

AuntSue said...

I really enjoyed reading your book review of the "No-No Boys".
You gave a wonderful summary of the story depicting this very difficult time in our nation's history. I definitely will want to read this book.
Aunt Sue

Matt said...

Nice job, Delaney! Internment is a very compelling topic. I'm curious how you can use the tools of critique from class in the review of professional works and vice versa. FYI: I hear there are concrete foundations of bunkers from an internment camp along I-25...

A. Kathy said...

I like the message you got from the book. I think it's important that we all remember to hold tight to our dreams and beliefs. They make us strong and true. Thanks for sharing!
A. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to the No-No Boys.
Your review sparked my interest.
Keep reading and writing reviews.

Anonymous said...

Good job! Like mother like daughter! I am so impressed that you would choose a book so fitting to Sunday's anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Your review inspired me and you write so well at your young age. Keep up the good work!
Your friend,
Ruth Shefcyk

Anonymous said...

Great review. I will have to check this book out!

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