Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Book Review: Wild Ink

In her newest book, Wild Ink: How to Write Fiction for Young Adults, best-selling author Victoria Hanley provides writers with invaluable information about the craft. Although the title says it is for those who write for Young Adults, I believe the techniques, insight and resources Victoria provides in the book, could apply to any fiction writer.

The first part of the book deals with different aspects of the craft of writing like Finding your Writing Self, Resources for Writers and Submitting your Manuscript. My favorite section in this part of the book was the Overcoming your Obstacles section. Victoria not only identifies those obstacles, but then provides tips on how to get past them.

There was one passage that really hit home for me and I think it will for many writers as well:

"I've come to believe that many of us go through periods when we'd rather keep the dream a dream than test ourselves against the pressures and obstacles that may arise bringing that dream into being. It can be easier to hope than to act. Easier to imagine a large book deal than face a rejection letter. Easier to daydream while doing dishes than invest the time needed to write down a story. But if we look closely at the pressures and obstacles, we stand a better chance of getting past them."

The second half of the book has interviews with different folks in the publishing industry. What I found unique about the interviews was they included a sampling from all facets of the industry. There were traditionally published authors, self-published authors and authors who hadn't been published yet, but were seeking representation. We also hear from agents and editors and get their insights.

Wild Ink is a great addition to the Cottonwood Press catalog and is a must have for any fiction writer.

Happy Reading & Writing!


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