Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Book Review: Someday My Prince Will Come

It is rare that I buy a book (especially a hard cover) without a recommendation from someone, but a few weeks ago, while searching for memoirs to list in a blog post, I came across a title of a memoir that caught my eye: Someday My Prince Will Come-True Adventures Of a Wannabee Princess, published by Penguin Books.

I read the blurb about the book and was sold on the idea immediately. I was intrigued that this was based on a true story and that the author, Jerramy Fine, grew up in my home state of Colorado. Without any hesitation, I ordered the book from Amazon and I can tell you now, it was worth every penny.

This funny and charming story proves that real life and fairy-tales can mix. Like many young girls, Jerramy Sage Fine is fascinated by princesses. The difference is, Jerramy wants to be one. At age six she researches the royal family and decides that Peter Phillips (the Queen's oldest grandson) is going to be her husband and she will then become a princess.

"Most of my family and some of my very closest friends had at least learned to humor me; they saw my princess complex as a quirky and rather amusing endearment. But pretty much everyone else just laughed...

I knew what everyone was thinking: How could such a bright girl have such a ridiculously frivolous and downright impossible goal? And (here it comes) when was she going to grow up and start living in the real world?

My question was this: What's so wrong with living in a fantasy world?...Sometimes I think the "real world" is just a phrase invented by adults to give credibility to the miserable lives they've created for themselves. Feel free to call me delusional, but I was someone on this planet who, no matter how silly it seemed, was actually listening to my heart---I trusted it, believed it and followed it. And in my opinion, there was nothing more "real" in this world than that.

So no matter how much I was teased, or how many obstacles I faced, or how many birthdays I celebrated past the age of seven, my singular desire to become a princess remained firmly in my heart. And I often thought it would take nothing short of an exorcism to remove it."

Jerramy's biggest challenge growing up is her very un-princess like family and home. She lives in a small rodeo-loving town in western Colorado where she lives with her brother and hippie parents who want to live off the land, she has no tv, and she has to help take care of the goats, chickens, rabbits and ducks.

"I survived my nonroyal childhood by focusing on my escape--which included planning my royal betrothal and studying the culture of the future kingdom I would help to reign."

Following graduation, she leaves for London to go to college and to continue on her pursuit to become a princess. She reads and learns everything she can about upper-class life in England, and only wants to date English men. Her tale takes us on adventures to Oxford, a windmill, Kensington Palace, the Royal Palace in India, Lord's Cricket Grounds and to some amazing parties, where she meets many fascinating people.

The whole book is driven by Jerramy's determination to follow her dreams and to meet her Prince. Obviously I can't tell you the outcome, but for me, the end was brilliantly written and I have to say, it surprised me. If you are looking for a fun read, I highly recommend, Someday My Prince Will Come-True Adventures Of a Wannabee Princess.

Read my interview with the author Jerramy Fine.

Happy Reading!


Mama J said...

Wow, this sounds like a great find. I love the idea of a follow-your-heart message, which immediately makes me think of purchasing this book not only for myself but for my 22-year-old daughter. I'll look forward to the interview with Jerramy....

Kerrie said...

I think that is what I loved most about the book is that she never let go of that "follow-your-heart" message. After you and your daughter read it, let me know what you thought about it.


Anonymous said...

This IS a hilarious book ! And it's true! If you love Sex in the City, you will love this too ! I couldn't put it down ! ~ Swan

Erin said...

I adored this book and finished it within two days since I literally couldn't put it down! Cheers to Jerramy Fine for writing such a realistic (and ultimately, optimistic) tale of life abroad in the UK. I'm planning a move to London within the next year and after reading her book, I'm even more determined to make it happen! I recommend this to anyone who has had a long-term love affair with London, or England in general :)

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